ControlOne - Azure AD Integration

Cytracom's ControlOne platform allows integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for easy onboarding and user management. In this article, we will go over how to connect your ControlOne instance to an Azure AD.


Getting Started: 

Start by logging into the ControlOne portal and navigating to the account you want to enable the integration. On the bottom left-hand corner, navigate to "Admin Settings." An external directories option will be at the bottom of the admin settings page. 

The connect option will give a pop-up stating that only a global administrator can enable the integration. If you are a global administrator, continue by selecting "connect."

Selecting Connect will pop out a login window to log into your Microsoft account. Be sure to use your login that is a global administrator. 

After signing in, it will request permissions on your Microsoft account. Check the consent box at the bottom and accept. Once accepted, it will transfer you back to the ControlOne portal. 

Once transferred back to ControlOne portal, you will see a status light and the last synced info.

With a successful sync, you will see AD groups and users appear in the user section of the ControlOne portal.


Note: if the sync is successful, but no groups or users have been imported, try disconnecting the integration and reconnecting it. If the sync shows to have failed, wait a few minutes, then disconnect the integration and reconnect it. If it continues to fail or no information is showing up, please contact Cytracom support at 877.411.2987 Opt1 Opt1 or email

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