Cytracom ControlOne Agent: Required executables, services, and allowlisting


This article discusses needed executables and whitelisting for the ControlOne agent.


  • Cytracom ControlOne Agent


The following executables  and services must be present and allowlisted for the Cytracom Agent to function properly. 

Note: Security software or antivirus may interfere with the ControlOne agent unless allowlisted.

Windows machines


In Windows Program files:

  • ControlOne

In the C:\Program Files\ControlOne Agent directory:

  • ControlOne Agent.exe
  • controlone-cli.exe
  • controlone-service.exe

In the Windows Service Manager:

  • ControlOne Service

Code signing

  • Code sign subject identifier: 442ca3d959ed932c66f782078328482459e67f8f
  • Code sign certificate thumbprint: 9d9e489b9cf14356d27846b2cfc8fffcb61e156a

Mac OS machines


In the Applications folder: 

  • ControlOne Agent

In the /Library/ApplicationSupport/com.cytracom directory:

  • controlone-cli
  • controlone-service

Bundle identifier

  • com.cytracom

Code signing

  • Code sign certificate identifier: 6T74E2S9XN
  • Code sign certificate sha1 fingerprint: d14ee40b24d909344bd6afb4b4bb12272e6e21f1

Hostnames and IP addresses

The following hostnames and IPs must be allowlisted for Agent connectivity when connecting from anywhere aside from behind the bridge.

Hostnames (TCP 80/443 traffic):

Destination IP addresses (UDP port range: 2000-60000):


Additional Resources

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