Cytracom ControlOne: ControlOne and Azure Active Directory


This article discusses the configuration necessary to connect to ControlOne using Azure Active Directory.


  • Cytracom ControlOne


User level

ControlOne requires the permission to function with Azure Active Directory. To verify this permission is set, Go to AAD Consent and permissions.

  • Do not select the Do not allow user consent option. Selecting this setting will block user access and require contacting Cytracom Technical Support to undo.
  • If you select Allow user content for apps, AAD will work correctly with ControlOne since the permission will be active.
  • The Azure AD-recommended setting  Allow user consent for apps from verified publishers for selected permissions.


If you choose this setting, verify permissions by clicking Permission Classifications in the left-hand navigation bar, then clicking the Add permissions button and making sure the User.Read checkbox is selected. 


Group level

Cytracom recommends the Allow group owner consent for selected group owners permission level. 


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