Cytracom ControlOne: Logging into the ControlOne Agent with Azure Active Directory


This article discusses how to log into the ControlOne agent on machines using Azure Active Directory (AAD).


  • Cytracom ControlOne


Your login experience will vary depending on whether your machine is domain-joined or you are logging in as a local user.

Domain joined machines

As long as you have available ControlOne licenses, machines on AAD that are domain-joined will be automatically logged into the ControlOne Agent at the time of agent installation. No action on the user's part is necessary. 

Machines not joined to the domain, and Mac OSX users 

If your machine is not domain joined, or you are using a Mac OSX machine, you must log in with your Azure AD username.


1. Launch the agent. The system will prompt you for your Azure AD username. 


2. The Microsoft login window will launch. Enter your AAD password and click the Sign in button. Follow any additional Microsoft AAD prompts as necessary.


After completing MFA setup and authentication, you will be connected to the ControlOne Agent. 


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