Mailboxes are destinations for voicemails in the system. Each account has an individual mailbox for each extension and a general mailbox by default (999) for the entire account. Additional mailboxes can be set up as needed for departments or groups free of charge.  

Creating a Mailbox:

  • Click Mailbox on the PBX main menu.
  • Click + New.
  • Enter a mailbox number that is at least two digits that do not match an existing mailbox.
  • Enter a name.
  • Enter and confirm the password.
  • Enter an email address to receive notifications of new voicemails if desired.
  • Select Skip Voicemail Instructions if the automated instructions are not needed prior to the beep.
  • Select Hide This Mailbox from the Directory if desired.
  • Choose the timeframe to automatically delete voicemails from the Delete Voicemails drop-down menu or choose No.
  • Choose the Timezone for the voicemail timestamps.
  • To upload a greeting, choose the greeting type from the drop-down menu and click Upload, or dial * + extension number and follow the prompts.
  • Click Submit.


Note: If the mailbox retention is set to never delete voicemails, the mailbox will fill up at approximately one hour of total talk time. Callers will no longer be able to leave messages until the mailbox is cleared. Please contact a System Administrator for any additional questions.
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