Cloud Extensions

Cloud extensions allow remote users to have access to the system voicemail and find-me/follow-me. Cloud extensions work the same way standard extensions work with the exception of not having a physical device attached.

Creating a Cloud Extension:

  • Go to the PBX tab, click the + on the right side of the menu bar.
  • Click on Cloud under extensions.
  • Click + New
  • Enter the extension number.
  • Enter a name for the extension.
  • Under Routing & Configuration set the Try First drop-down.
  • If the other drop-down menus are unnecessary, click the small x.
  • Click Submit.

Note:  If the New button is gray, contact Cytracom to add an additional cloud-extension to your account.



Note: This is a legacy feature and will not be available for all users. For information on our mobile app, click here.

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