Voicemail & Mailboxes

A mailbox stores voicemails and/or forwards them out to an email address. Each account has a mailbox per extension as well as a general mailbox. Mailboxes can be created or deleted as needed.

To learn more about mailboxes use this link.

Customizing a mailbox for a user:

  • Click on Mailbox in the PBX.
  • Select the mailbox to configure.
  • Enter and confirm a 3-6 digit numerical password of the user's choice. They will use this password when they press the envelope key on their phone to access their mailbox.
  • Enter one or multiple email addresses to receive notifications and .wav files of each voicemail left in the mailbox. If it is preferred to receive notifications only, toggle off the Attach Email.
  • The user can set voicemails to be deleted after being emailed or set a different time frame to delete the voicemail.
  • Select the time zone for the mailbox.
  • Greetings can be uploaded or recorded. 
  • Click Submit

Note: To make a new recording from the phone, dial star plus the mailbox number from the Cytracom phone. Log in with the password, and press 0 to access the recording menu. PIN numbers can also be changed here.  


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