Cytracpom UCaaS: Why is audio dropping during calls?


This article discusses common reasons for audio dropping during calls in Cytracom UcaaS.


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If most audio on calls is coming through, but small bits are dropping or coming through garbled, the issue is usually ISP related. There are many specific causes, but most often the modem or wiring outside the building will be dropping, or delaying, some of the traffic going to or from the phone.

Some common causes:

  • Poor connection quality: This is fairly general and encompasses many issues on the internet provider's network that Cytracom cannot see.
  • Low bandwidth: If all or nearly all of the bandwidth provided by the ISP is being used, the ISP will start randomly dropping some of the traffic.
  • Internal network issues: Occasionally, the issue is not the ISP at all, but something inside the building. This could include cabling, switches, or firewalls.

It is not completely unheard of for these issues to originate on Cytracom's or Cytracom's carrier networks, but this is extremely rare and short-lived. When it does happen, Cytracom responds quickly due to the high number of customers on each part of the system. When Cytracom gets similar reports from more than one office, this is the first thing we investigate.

While the cause of the issue may be outside of Cytracom's control, Cytracom can still help in diagnosing the problem. Cytracom can give the client information to report to the ISP or System Administrator if needed.

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