Cliq: Understanding Views

Note: Cliq has been replaced with Cytracom Desktop which has several new bells and whistles! Cliq will still be available for use but is no longer supported or available for install. To install Desktop, please click here. 


Cliq has three main views. If call center queues are used, then there will be a fourth icon, Queues, on the left pane. This icon will not appear unless call center queues are utilized. Navigate through the Cliq app by clicking on an icon on the left panel.


The displayed user list displays a user's status. This allows a quick status update of all users in an organization in a single view. Possible Statuses:

  • Green - Available
  • Red - Off Hook/On-a-Call
  • Yellow - Ringing
  • Gray - Device Un-registered/Disconnected

To call a user on the list, simply click on their name, and click on the phone icon.

To search for a user: search by name, extension number or location. You may also enter a 10-digit number to place an outbound call.

Call History:

Allows users to view their call history including the caller I.D., phone number, inbound or outbound, time, and date of call. If a call is missed, the number will be red.

A red badge will display on the call history tab alerting the user to the number of missed calls.


Allows users to listen to and delete voicemails. Cliq presents all voicemails for the given mailboxes listed under the users extension Monitored Mailbox field. To learn more: Set Up Mailbox

A red badge will display on the voicemail tab alerting the user to the number of unread voicemails.


This tab is only visible if the account utilizes call center functionality and has queues enabled.  

Allows users to see pending callers and hold times across all queues. 

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