Cliq: Installation

Enable the Application in the Portal:

In order to use Cliq, first ensure the Application is enabled in the Cytracom Portal. By default, it is.

  • In order to use Cliq, the person must have a login to and an extension assigned to them
  • A system administrator can check under the Users tab of the account to verify this
  • Log into
  • Navigate to Integrations


  • Click on Learn More under Cliq
  • Ensure Cliq is enabled



Note: Be sure to install using either Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Please follow the steps below to install Cliq:

  • Using either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, click the link below to begin the installation
  • If prompted, choose to Open the file
  • Saving the file will cause an installation error

The Cliq application will notify the user of updates as they become available.


Auto-Update Installer (Windows) Install


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