Cliq: Installation

Note: Cliq has been replaced with Cytracom Desktop which has several new bells and whistles! Cliq will still be available for use but is no longer supported or available for install. To install Desktop, please click here. 

Enable the Application in the Portal:

In order to use Cliq, first ensure the Application is enabled in the Cytracom Portal. By default, it is.

  • In order to use Cliq, the person must have a login to and an extension assigned to them
  • A system administrator can check under the Users tab of the account to verify this
  • Log into
  • Navigate to Integrations


  • Click on Learn More under Cliq
  • Ensure Cliq is enabled



Note: Be sure to install using either Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Please follow the steps below to install Cliq:

  • Using either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, click the link below to begin the installation
  • If prompted, choose to Open the file
  • Saving the file will cause an installation error

The Cliq application will notify the user of updates as they become available.


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