Cliq: Calling Features

Note: Cliq has been replaced with Cytracom Desktop which has several new bells and whistles! Cliq will still be available for use but is no longer supported or available for install. To install Desktop, please click here. 

Placing a Call:

  • To place an internal call from within Cliq, double-click the desired users name.
  • To place an external call from within Cliq, enter the ten-digit number in the search bar and press enter.  

Note: When placing a call via Cliq, the caller's extension will ring first. Once the caller has picked up the phone, Cytracom will then dial the receiving party.

Managing an Active Call with Action Icons:

Active calls may be handled from within Cliq. There are three user actions that can be performed on an active call.

  • Transfer the call  
  • Send directly to voicemail
  • Dial the user -  This places the active call on hold and dials the selected user

To perform these actions: Click the desired user and select the appropriate action.

You may also park an active call by click the P icon in the active call window.


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