Cliq: Settings



Under Settings, users can:

Edit Favorites:

The favorites list allows users to group frequent names into the Favorites view. To add names to the Favorites view:

  • Click the settings icon
  • Click Edit Favorites
  • Select the star next to the desired users name
  • Deselect Edit Favorites

To view favorites toggle the Favorites switch in the bottom left corner of the app.

Sort Contacts:

There are three options to sort contacts:

  • By Name
  • By Number
  • By Active Calls

Incoming Call Notifications

Users may wish to display incoming call notifications. To enable notifications:

  • Click the settings icon
  • Click Incoming Call Notifications

Enabling this option will display a pop-up on the screen notifying the user of an incoming call with caller I.D.  

The user is given two options on the screen if the pop-up is displayed:

  • Ignore - Closes the pop-up notification
  • Reject - sends the call straight to the extensions busy destination


Logs the user out of the Cliq application.

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