Cytracom Recommended Softphone Apps

Note: Cytracom now has it's own softphone app. Cytracom Mobile is a free app and works seamlessly with your Cytracom account. To learn more, click here.

If you choose to use a third party app, we will make our best effort to help set it up, but it is not supported by Cytracom as all of Cytracom's functionality may not be available.

Softphones allow users to mirror their desk phone by pairing it to a mobile device. The following can be successfully used with the Cytracom system.


App Free Windows Mac Linux Android IOS
Jitsi X X X X    
Grandstream Wave X       X X
Groundwire          X  X
 Zoiper X X      


The below information will be needed to provision a softphone to a Cytracom extension:

  • SIP username and password - found in the PBX under each extension's SIP Config
  • SIP server/domain: Zoiper

Click below for more detailed user guides and information:


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