Cytracom Recommended Softphone Apps

Note: Cytracom now has it's own softphone app. Cytracom Mobile is a free app and works seamlessly with your Cytracom account. To learn more, click here.

Softphones allow users to mirror their desk phone by pairing it to a mobile device. The following can be successfully used with the Cytracom system.


App Free Windows Mac Linux Android IOS
Jitsi X X X X    
Grandstream Wave X       X X
Groundwire          X  X
 Zoiper X X      


The below information will be needed to provision a softphone to a Cytracom extension:

  • SIP username and password - found in the PBX under each extension's SIP Config
  • SIP server/domain: Zoiper

Click below for more detailed user guides and information:


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