Release Notes Through 2019-02-07

Cytracom Portal


  • [Mailboxes] Voice-mail transcription is no longer in Beta and will now appear on invoices.


  • [Insights] Resolved an issue where the CSV export was not conforming to the defined filters. 
  • [Insights] Resolved an issue where certain filters did not return any information.
  • [Insights] Resolved an issue where 'Call Volume Detail' and 'Call Detail Report' filters did not match. 
  • [Invoices] Resolved an issue for some customers, where usage periods were missing days.  
  • [cFax] Resolved an issue with cFax usage missing from invoices. 
  • [Devices] Resolved an issue where certain devices were erroneously blocked from receiving configuration updates from the 'Devices' section.
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