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Cytracom Desktop is replacing Cliq with new bells and whistles!



How to access Cytracom Desktop

How to enable notifications


Cytracom Desktop lets you talk, text, fax—all from a single pane of glass. Experience a collaborative communication tool with the power of a phone number. Start a dedicated conversation in a private room. Text a client or include them in a group chat. Best of all—customers can text you first, without a Cytracom app. You can learn more about the Business Messaging terminology here.


The Cytracom Desktop offers numerous communication features for people using Cytracom services. There are a few prerequisite settings for a person to begin using the applications:

  • A person must have their customer administrator set up their user. Refer to the article on Adding a New User
  • The user must have an associated extension
  • For Business Messaging, a C2 Service Plan is required
    • All Cytracom users can use Cytracom Desktop's click-to-dial, presence monitoring, and voicemail and call management, but Cytracom Business Messaging is only available to customers who have chosen the C2 service plan. These users can access both Team and SMS messaging features to communicate internally and externally.
    • To expand a user's capability to include SMS messaging, it simply requires the user to have their own assigned phone number. Refer to the article Assign a User to a Phone Number to Enable SMS.

How to access Cytracom Desktop

Logging in

  • Log in to the app with your portal email address and password or your extension
  • Once logged in, you will see your Cytracom contacts to the left


How to enable notifications

  • Click on the lock icon next to the URL
  • Choose which notifications to enable


User Preferences 

  • Select the user's initial in the top left
  • Select preferences
  • A profile picture can be uploaded here 


Desktop Icons

The illuminated icons on the left side will navigate between Voice Communication and Messaging. 


Status Icons - 

  • Available - Contact's initial or uploaded picture
  • On the phone
  • Ringing

Screen_Shot_2020-01-21_at_8.18.37_AM.png       Screen_Shot_2020-01-21_at_8.18.00_AM.png      Screen_Shot_2020-01-21_at_8.18.27_AM.png

Display Bar


  • Contacts - Interoffice contacts
  • Calls - All Calls will be displayed by default. Calls can be filtered by call type


  • Voicemails - Transcription will be displayed for users on our C2 plan

Placing a call

Dial pad 

  • The dial pad at the bottom left will allow a number to be manually entered or copy and pasted. In addition, a contact can be searched from the dial pad.
  • Dialpad.gif


Placing a call to a contact

  • Select the phone icon at the top right to initiate a call.  
  • The icon will display a ringing symbol and the desk phone will ring to complete the callCalling_a_contact.gif


  • Rooms  - an ongoing topic of conversation that allows the owner to add or remove members


The members within each conversation are added when the conversation is created. For Rooms, the members are selected from the contact list. 

Room options -

  • Select the vertical ellipsis to see members in the room and add additional members
  • Select the settings widget to mute or leave the room


  • Direct Messages  -the members are either selected from the contact list, or by simply entering a phone number for the desired recipient that is using SMS.


    • Blue avatar indicates all members are using Cytracom Apps
    • Green avatar indicates some members are using SMS 

To start or continue a message with a contact -

  • Select the contact
  • Select the blue message icon at the top rightSending_a_message_to_a_contact.gif

 Direct message options - 

  • Select the green phone icon to call the contact
  • Select the blue settings widget to mute or hide the direct message
  • Select the vertical ellipsis to see the members of the direct message




Note: Greyed out options throughout Desktop are features that will be available in upcoming releases.
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