Release Notes Through 2020-12-31

December 2020

New Features

12/29 - Desktop App

  • IT Glue Integration
  • AutoTask Integration

These two new application integrations are available as beta releases in the Cytracom Desktop Application’s marketplace. Each integration works with their respective service to allow you to access records about callers directly within the voice application, minimizing the number of windows you’re working in.

Bug Fixes and Updates

12/3 - Cross-Platform

  • Corrected an error that caused the Call Center Agents Events Report to occasionally be blank instead of listing agents without events.  

12/7 - Cross-Platform

  • Modified the ordering process so as to not require a W9 file on record. Note, the W9 will still be needed before payments can be made, but it isn’t needed at the time the order is placed.

12/14 - Cross-Platform

  • Fixed an issue with the dial pad where it would not read some 10 digit numbers.

12/16 - Android App

  • Change made to show contact name while composing a message instead of “New Message”.

12/29 - Cross-Platform

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some dialing extensions from the auto attendant in some configurations.

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