2022 Desktop & Platform Release Notes


Version: 22.46.1

What's New

  • We have added the ability to add a client matter code to outgoing calls. This is enabled in PBX by managing the extension, and clicking the Enable Client Matter Code toggle to "on". When enabled, users will be prompted after initiating an outbound call to enter the client matter code. If a code is not needed for the call, users can press # to bypass and dial the call. Codes will display on the Call Details report in Insights.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where typing and viewing presence was not working in Business Messaging.
  • Fixed an issue where if a user clicked on their profile to display the My Preferences screen and their email contained a number, an incorrect profile would display.
  • Fixed an issue where resellers could not adjust partner notifications and subscriptions.


Version: 22.44.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where contacts in certain cases displayed incorrect names in Shared Inboxes.
  • Fixed an issue where when performing a general search in Insights, users would sometimes receive a server error.
  • Fixed an issue where when setting business hours in Secure and the start time was anything within the 12th hour of the day (ex: 12:30pm), the time reverted to AM when saved.


Version: 22.42.1

What's New

  • We have added the Do Not Disturb (DND) functionality to Desktop. With DND on Desktop, users can set their status to DND by clicking their profile picture (avatar) in the top left corner of Desktop, clicking their status, and selecting Do Not Disturb. While on DND, the status color on the top left corner of the avatar will change to red and notifications will be paused. When viewing other users in the Contact list, their status will display a red indicator on the top left corner of their avatar to indicate they are on Do Not Disturb, blue if they are available, or grey if they are offline. Calls made to a user in a DND status will go to voicemail.

    This functionality only affects Desktop, and does not apply to desk phones or the mobile apps. Future enhancements to this feature will include the mobile apps and syncing across all platforms and hardware.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where saved contacts did not display the contact's name in Business Messaging.
  • Fixed an issue where a user was receiving voicemails for a mailbox they were not subscribed to.


Version: 22.38.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if app sounds were muted, they could not be un-muted.


Version: 22.38.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where missed calls had to be viewed to clear the call from the missed call indicator, and missed calls could not be cleared if they did not display in the Call History list. Now, the missed call indicator will clear once the My Calls tab is clicked.


Version: no new desktop version; AutoTask update

What's New

  • Updated the AutoTask login screen to be more specific and request the API User Username and API User Password instead of Username and Password.
  • Added the ability in AutoTask for users granted the Resource Impersonation permissions to be able to impersonate users. To impersonate a user, check the "Impersonate a Resource" checkbox on the login screen, and log in using your AutoTask API credentials. Then, select the user to impersonate. Any actions performed while impersonating the user will show the impersonated user listed as performing those actions.
  • Added pagination to the AutoTask integration. When running a query, AutoTask will now display 100 results at a time, and when the end of that list has been reached another 100 results will display.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the AutoTask integration that prevented agents from creating new tickets.
  • Fixed an issue where when searching a partial name in AutoTask, no results were returned.


Version: Desktop 22.31.01

What's New

When a call is placed on hold and a second call is made, the call on hold will now display a transfer icon at the bottom of the call avatar. This allows you to place the original call on hold, contact another person and announce the call, and transfer the original call to the second call to provide a warm transfer experience. In addition, this allows you to return to the original call should the person intended to transfer the call to is unable to accept the transferred call.


Version: Desktop 22.29.01

What's New

  • Added the ability to send SMS messages to 911, 988, and 5-6 digit short codes.
  • Made 988 a reserved number so that it cannot be assigned as an ext. Any calls made to 988 are routed to 1-800-273-8255.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on dialpad where if a user attempted to add numbers in front of other numbers already entered, the cursor would jump back to the end of the number and add additional numbers at the end.


Version: Desktop 22.28.02

What's New

  • Added instructional text to pick up the desk phone on incoming calls when the call mode is set to use desk phone.
  • Added a close icon ( X ) to the right side of the incoming/outgoing call notification on Desktop when the call mode is set to use desk phone to allow users to close the notification. In addition, the notification will now time out and dismiss after 10 seconds if the receiver is not picked up.


Version: no new desktop version; back end update

What's New

  • Added a password strength meter in Secure for users creating passwords.
  • Added a link to download the Cytracom app in Secure, located in the Profile dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Queue Performance Report in Insights did not display correct numbers. We also renamed the "Total Timeout" column to "Timeout" and added a new column for no agent timeouts.


Version: no new desktop version; back end update

Kaseya BMS Discover Functionality

The Kaseya BMS App in Cytracom Marketplace enables users to view their Kaseya Accounts, Contacts, and tickets from within the Cytracom Platform. Unlike other business communications platforms, Cytracom offers a deep integration Kaseya so users can get more from their conversations as well as click to dial functionality directly within the Kaseya BMS platform.

With this release, we have added the discover functionality to the Kaseya BSM integration. This provides users with contextual details from Kaseya within the discover panel while on the phone or messaging within Cytracom Desktop.


Version: 22.23.01

What's New

  • Outgoing messages in Business Messaging now shows a status icon next to the time stamp (or message if multiple messages are sent in a row). Status icons include a grey checkmark when a message is sent, a white checkmark in a green circle when a message has been delivered, and a white exclamation point in a red triangle if the message fails to be delivered. Hovering over the status icon will also display a brief description, such as sent, delivered, or the failed reason.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Desktop did not audibly ring on incoming calls and only displayed the incoming call notification.


Version: 22.21.03

What's New

  • Added a URL field to Contacts create/edit screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where internal contacts listed on the My Team screen could not be searched by extension.


Version: 22.19.02

Bug Fixes

  • From name/number in cFax history will now display consistently
  • Users with a very large number of contacts synced from O365 will now see all synced contacts


Version: 22.18.04

What's New

  • Updated the welcome (start of conversation) verbiage in Business Messaging

Bug Fixes

  • Long room names in Business Messaging will now display on one line and truncate if too long


Version: 22.14.02

Bug Fixes

  • When filtering Call History, clicking the "All Calls" checkbox will deselect all calls
  • Messages with only attachments and no text can now be sent
  • Resynced Contacts so that all extensions should display the extension display name if there is not a user assigned


Version: 22.13.02

Bug Fixes

  • Searches in My Calls and Voicemail history will now return accurate results
  • Parked calls that are returned to mobile will now ring on the mobile device


Version: 22.13.01

Bug Fixes

  • Extension names were incorrectly able to be modified
  • Profile picture (avatar) and user presence will now match the user's extension and name in the Messages list


Version: 22.12.01

What's New

  • Added the ability for Review Wave to manage permissions for partners and customers that are contracted with Review Wave

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Discover window display to make expandable sections more obvious


Version: 22.11.01

Bug Fixes

Made a minor fix to realign buttons and icons on Dial Pad.


Version: 22.10.01

Bug Fixes

With this release, we fixed an issue where incoming messages did not display on Desktop, but would on mobile as well as an issue with the Cytracom Call Center features that marked abandoned calls as queue timeouts.


Version: 22.08.01

Bug Fixes

  • The Fax History page in cFax will no longer freeze
  • Users will no longer receive the 504 gateway timeout error message when downloading any CSV in Insights


Version: 22.07.01

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Partner Portal where an extra row for the month of September displayed in the report. This caused data for October, November, and December to display in rows for incorrect months.
  • Fixed an issue in Autotask where searching for an exact ticket number in Autotask did not return the ticket in search results, and an issue where clicking a ticket within Autotask displayed a blank screen rather than displaying the ticket information.
  • Fixed an issue where the ConnectWise manage website would not save attachments with the Cytracom Chrome Extension enabled.


Version: 22.07.1

What's New

With this version, we have added the ability to mute Shared Inbox messages on Desktop, Android, and iOS apps. This will allow you to easily mute and unmute an entire Shared Inbox message thread. Notifications will still be received if you are directly mentioned in the message thread, even if it has been muted.

Bug Fixes

  • Certain valid email addresses will no longer rejected when creating a new user or setting a voicemail notification address in Secure
  • Long voicemails will now be transcribed properly and attach to the email notification


Version: 22.06.02

What's New

  • Added the option to allow callers in the queue to request a call back in Secure PBX Call Queue settings

Bug Fixes

  • Certain valid email addresses will no longer rejected when creating a new user or setting a voicemail notification address in Secure


Version: 22.05.04

Bug Fixes

  • Users will be able to make and receive calls on Desktop upon logging in after locking their computer for extended periods of time


Version: Back End Changes, no new Desktop version number

Bug Fixes

  • Incoming calls will now play the configured incoming call ringtone in Cytracom Desktop
  • Users can now modify extension settings in Secure, as long as the user has the appropriate level of access required


Version: 22.03.01

Integrated Contacts

Contacts brings your address book to all areas of Cytracom Desktop including Business Messaging, Call History, and Caller ID. This means effortless editing, search, click-to-dial, bulk import of address book entries, and cloud synchronized custom notes. 

With Integrated Contacts, you can:

  • Add contacts to your internal address book for quick reference in your Call History, Incoming Calls, Dialpad, and Business Messaging
  • Quickly add a contact to internal Contacts from call and voicemail history, or from within Contacts to identify incoming messages and phone calls at a later date
  • Import new contacts from a CSV to easily add bulk contacts from an external source like a CRM or marketing list 
  • Manage Contact Profiles, including editing, deleting, adding notes, and marking contacts as favorites
  • Search for contacts by name, phone number, or email address
  • Filter contacts by favorites, internal contacts, or your company’s extension
  • Call, text, and discover more about a contact using the Profile Quick Actions 

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

In addition to Integrated Contacts, you can now integrate your Microsoft Office 365 address book with Cytracom Desktop, which brings a secure and reliable cloud-to-cloud connection between Cytracom Desktop and your Office 365 account. Contacts in O365 are automatically synced to Cytracom Desktop’s integrated contacts with zero configuration. This provides a seamless integration to your contacts that can be easily found all in one place as well as keeping your newly added and modified contacts up to date in Cytracom Desktop.

With the Microsoft Office 365 integration, you can:

  • View contacts from O365 to identify incoming messages and phone calls, and Call History
  • Mark contacts from O365 as favorites
  • Easily identify the contact source by the O365 icon on the Contact Profile
  • Add notes to contacts from O365
  • Filter for O365 contacts


Our new Zendesk integration connects your Zendesk account with the Cytracom experience. Once installed, the app enables access to essential components of your Zendesk account, including:

  • Search for customer and organization contacts from Zendesk
  • Bring context from Zendesk tickets and contacts via Discover
  • Easy click-to-dial, customer lookup, and SMS through Business Messaging
  • View and update Zendesk ticket fields, status, comments, and more
  • Deep links into Zendesk for the full experience when you want it

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the quick action buttons within Cytracom Desktop to remove the contact drop down if only one call/text/email option is available.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the schedule call button from working during account setup.
  • Fixed an issue in Cytracom Desktop where the websocket would attempt to reconnect every 5 seconds, which caused the app to crash due to too many failed connection attempts.
  • Fixed an issue where a caller waiting in a queue experienced a delay when connecting to an agent receiving the call.
  • Removed unused greeting slots to directly record a voicemail greeting for a given mailbox.
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