Integrations, Desktop App and PBX

This release contains enhancements  to the Cytracom Desktop app, product integrations within it, and PBX functionality that powers it all. All users of the Desktop app will see performance improvements. Users of older Integrations will take advantage of lessons learned from newer ones. Upgrades to the PBX functionality will make signup and support even easier. 


  • UI enhancements to the IT Glue, Autotask, and HubSpot integrations 
  • Added the ability to send a message with a single click to call history entries 
  • When on an active call, Desktop App users will now get an audible indication if a second incoming call is received 
  • Added local time field for the PBX to make it easier to work with routing schedules
  • Added Mountain Time Zone without Daylight Savings as a time zone option for users in Arizona 
  • Added suite number to address field in the proposal generator
  • Updated terms and conditions screen in customer signup.
  • UI enhancements on the login screen to the Desktop App
  • Updated log in error message to indicate if two-factor authentication failed during authentication
  • Expanded the feedback button on the Desktop App to point to additional help resources, including new walk throughs of how to accomplish selected tasks


  • Resolved issue that prevented some partners from downloading co-branded materials
  • Fixed Hubspot issues that caused the app to crash 
  • Corrected error in the PSA Connector that blocked protected leads from changing status to unprotected when a deal does not close or when the time limit on protection expires
  • Fixed a condition where the desktop app locked up after a long idle time or the computer was put in sleep mode
  • Removed issue that caused HTML code to be visible in notifications and history when sending text messages and emojis
  • Resolved an issue that slowed loading time of contacts in the UI 
  • Faxing history is now updated in real time 
  • Resolved issues that could cause a long loading time for a locally installed Desktop Application 
  • Eliminated a condition where a call center agent could receive two conflicting status flags at once leading to unpredictable routing
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