Partner Portal and Integrations

This week’s release focuses on fixes to the Connectwise Integration with a few other fixes to the Autotask Integration and partner portal.


  • Fixed a problem that could cause false errors on Active Intelligence Monitoring in the partner portal 
  • Fixed an issue preventing logins to Autotask from some network configurations
  • Fixed a problem in ConnectWise that broke some links when followed from recently viewed
  • Fixed a problem in ConnectWise that caused some users to have to sign out twice
  • Fixed a problem in ConnectWise that could lead to long load times from the tickets tab
  • Realigned screen elements in ConnectWise to be consistent with other Integrations
  • Rearranged entries in ConnectWise notes field to keep newest on top
  • Fixed a problem with search fields in ConnectWise
  • Fixed a problem that would have the global header go away while navigating ConnectWise
  • Fixed the error with undefined last name fields in ConnectWise
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