Desktop and Portal Updates

We are excited to bring you new enhancements for the Cytracom Desktop and Partner Portal to improve your experience!


  • We want to keep you in the know, so What’s New is now available from the menu for easy reading at your leisure. When new updates become available, the What’s New menu item will have a badge to let you know there’s more to see. You can also subscribe to email updates if you want to be notified of future product releases. 
  • You can now copy phone numbers out of messages and contacts for pasting into whatever application you see fit! 
  • Partner Portal functions were cleaned up to better display information and prevent invalid characters in proposals.
  • Big or small, we value every bit of feedback from you. Provide Feedback is now located in our Help and Support menu. 


  • New messages now display without requiring a restart.
  • In messages sent from the Desktop application to external numbers, we no longer add an extra line to the message.
  • We now check for errors when drafting a message to a new room, rather than waiting until you try to send the message.
  • Slightly resizing your screen no longer disrupts the functionality of tooltips. 
  • A caller with a long name no longer covers up the Answer Call button.
  • We’ve stabilized the appearance of contacts in a group message, to prevent confusion when group members quickly drop and reconnect.
  • Fixed the emoji search function. 😌
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