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We've been hard at work continuing to enhance our new Shared Inboxes product offering, among other improvements and fixes.


  • It’s now possible to change the name of a conversation inside a Shared Inbox, from the incoming phone number to a custom label of your choice.
  • More than one internal user can now be mentioned in a Shared Inbox message.
  • We’ve updated how the chat bar is displayed when active.
  • We’ve added a priority label of "None" for Shared Inbox threads. Selecting this will remove any previously set priority.
  • Emojis can now be used in Shared Inbox internal messages when mentioning another user.


  • Addressed an issue where the unread count was incorrect for brand new SMS messages received by Shared Inboxes.
  • HTML markup is now processed correctly in message previews.
  • Corrected an issue where the message preview does not consistently update to the most recent message.
  • When right-clicking and downloading an attached image in a message thread, it will now download in the current window rather than opening in another browser tab.
  • Removed unnecessary messages about creating a new conversation when already in an existing conversation.
  • The Shared Inbox number is no longer hidden in some preview screens.
  • Addressed an error condition where a conversation might appear to have been duplicated within a Shared Inbox.
  • Corrected an issue resulting in double notifications on the Desktop app when configured to notify both Desktop and Mobile.
  • Added error handling to prevent a condition that could disable messaging within integrations if logging in and out multiple times.
  • The PDF of the billing statement was changed slightly to accommodate more information.
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