Cytracom Desktop Updates Now Available!

In our new release for Cytracom Desktop, users can now manage personal Business Hours and Call Settings from within the Desktop App. 


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Quick Personalization with Desktop User Settings

Now you can update your personal settings directly in the Cytracom Desktop app. Make quick changes to your Business Hours, Call Strategy, Notifications, Mailbox and Audio preferences - whenever you’d like. 


Personalize Your Call Strategy 

Now you choose where you receive calls - and customize your settings to suit the way you work.  Out and about? Set your calls to ring on your mobile. At your desk? Have your calls ring on both your Desk phone and Cytracom Desktop - then roll to your mobile if you don’t answer. You can also set how long your calls ring before going to voicemail and if you’d like to enable calls to and from your Cytracom Desktop app. 


Customize Your Preferred Business Hours 

Prefer not to get business calls at 1AM? Cytracom makes it easier on you and your customers - with Business Hours settings. Simply set where and when you’d like to receive business calls, then set where those calls should ring after your business hours. 


Configure Your Notifications

Configure ringtone and ring volume for Cytracom Desktop. Completely mute notifications if you’re in a meeting. Feeling a little nostalgic? Set your ringtone to Telephone Ring 2012. 


Manage Your Voice Mailbox

Keep your mailbox neat and tidy. Select how often you’d like to clean out your inbox. Turn on voicemail transcription to get voicemails at a glance and enable email notifications so you never miss a message. 


Choose Your Default Audio Sources

Choose which one of your available audio sources you’d like to set as default mic and speaker for Cytracom Desktop - computer, headphones, or any other speakers you have connected.  


Here’s What Else We Improved on Cytracom Desktop 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new conversations from being created directly from the Contacts list.
  • Updated Shared Inboxes so deleted conversations are immediately removed. 
  • Corrected call history to always show outbound calls as ’ outbound’ instead of ‘missed’.
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