Updates to Desktop App, Call Queues, and Integrations


  • We've added the ability to merge two calls into a three-way conference from Cytracom Desktop. When you're done, spit the phone call back into the original two lines or end the call for all three parties.
  • Updates to our Call Queues means that your messages will play back more cleanly, without overlapping or delaying a live agent.
  • You can now search the Autotask, Hubspot, and Connectwise apps in Cytracom Desktop by phone number. Adding any numbers to the search field will lead to a phone number search.
  • Login credentials for the Connectwise app are remembered after logging out for ease of logging back in.
  • When creating a ticket in the Connectwise app, you can now assign a priority.


  • Resolved an issue where large volumes of conversations would cause a lag when navigating to business messaging.
  • Resolved an issue where entering a phone number associated with internal user extensions would display and dial the user extension rather than the phone number entered.
  • Resolved an issue with messages where some users weren’t seeing a full screen of loaded messages.
  • Resolved an issue where audio device selection did not persist when reloading the app.
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