How to Create a Zone in ControlOne


  1. First, navigate to the “Zones” tab on the left toolbar when logged into the Control One portal.
  2. Once there, expand the “+” icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. From there, you will only need a “Name” to create a zone.
  4. Once the zone is created, you have a couple options you will be able to do with the zone. First, select the zone you want to configure by clicking in the box when being in the “Zones” section. It will illuminate blue when it’s selected.

  5. A new section will appear on the right side of the portal after selecting the zone, this is where you can make configuration changes to the Zone.
  6. You will want to assign a Zone to a Gateway (or region) and the IP address and Subnet Mask you want that Zone to assign users or devices. This will allow devices to use this Zone to communicate through our SDN.
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