Where Do I Start and Why? ControlOne w/ Links

There is a lot of information in the sections about ControlOne. You may ask where do I start and what is the purpose of the given step? This article outlines the step-by-step of what guides to start with and what the purpose of the given guide is.



First, become an authorized ControlOne partner. Whether you are are already a Cytracom uCaaS partner or not, you will need to complete this step. Click here to view the guide to become an authorized ControlOne partner.


Second, add your first customer to ControlOne. This can be your own partner paid account, an existing uCaaS customer, or even a new customer. Click here to view the guide to add your first ControlOne customer.



Third, add a gateway to your new ControlOne customer. The gateway is the backend that your ControlOne agent or OBR tunnels into. We have gateways in locations all over North America. When choosing a gateway, select one that is close to your device's location. Click here to view the guide to add the gateway.



Fourth, add a zone to the gateway. A zone is how a local network is identified. A zone is where the local network is configured and tied to ports on an OBR or can define how a ControlOne Agent works. This is also where you can select custom security policies that you may have created and modify DHCP scope. Click here to view the guide to add the first zone.



Fifth, add a site. A site is an identifier for where the clients and/or business are. An example would be if you have a main office and remote user you may have 1 site labeled "HQ" and another labeled "Remote Users". Click here to view the guide to set up a site.



Sixth, connect the site to a zone. This will let the site inherit the network rules and properties of the given zone. Click here to view the guide to connect sites to zones.



After completing the steps above, you will have a working ControlOne set up! However, there are many optional guides such as adding guest networks, custom security policies, etc. The rest of the guides are in the general ControlOne section. Check regularly as we are constantly adding new content!


NOTE: Below are some terms that we use that may not be familiar or use them differently: 

  • Security Policies – Security policies are the gate. This is where you can apply network security levels, Intrusion Prevention, and many other things. 
  • Firewall Rules - Firewall rules are specific access rules to allow traffic on certain ports and in certain protocols, etc.  
  • ControlOne Agent - ControlOne Agent is the application installed on a device that allows it to connect to the given zone. 
  • Zero Trust/Device Posture Check - Zero Trust or Device Posture Check allows you to configure specific OS level and Device level policies to allow or disallow connection. Registry keys and OS version are just a couple ways to filter. Click here to view the guide to set Zero Trust and Device Posture checks.
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