Microsoft Teams - Set Up

  1. Go to with your administrative Microsoft account for the customer.

  2. In the side panel, go to the Admin “app”.

  3. Click “Expand” and find “Domains” in “Settings”

  4. We will be adding a special subdomain operated by Cytracom, which must be associated with the customer’s Microsoft account for Cytracom to provide voice service.

  5. Follow the instructions in the Cytracom Cytracom Portal | Login PBX portal (You might find the MS Teams section by expanding the + button on the right side of the screen).


    This will tell you to add 2 domains in the form of and where the first part is unique to your customer. These are the domains that Microsoft will use to communicate with the Cytracom voice system.

  6. Microsoft must now validate the Cytracom domain with a challenge. Use the “Add a text file to the domain’s website“ option.

  7. You will need to save and upload this file to Cytracom’s system, follow the instruction in the Cytracom PBX. The msNUMBERS.txt file name that you upload must match the filename that Microsoft provides. This file simply contains a challenge from Microsoft to Cytracom, there is no sensitive data in it.

  8. Wait a few seconds for Cytracom to sync that file to the appropriate server, and then click “Verify” in the Microsoft admin center to continue the process. Microsoft will contact the Cytracom server to check if it has the challenge that you provided.

  9. Microsoft will ask if you want to use other services on this domain, but we are only using this domain for Cytracom voice services and do not need any additional DNS configuration. Click “More Options”, “Skip and do this later“, and then continue.

  10. If successful, you should see a dialog as pictured below.

  11. You can now close the dialog in the Cytracom portal and activate the secondary domain. This is required for the PowerShell commands to be generated for you at the bottom of the page in the Cytracom PBX.

  12. There are various license combinations, ensure you have the “Teams Phone“ license for your users.
    Microsoft Teams add-on licenses - Microsoft Teams
    Cytracom is functioning as your PBX and gateway to the PSTN. You do not need a calling plan add-on to the Teams Phone license (as this is for voice minutes through Microsoft), but you do need the “Direct Routing” PSTN connectivity option.
    PSTN connectivity options - Microsoft Teams

  13. Important Step: Microsoft requires a user to be associated with both of the SBC domains before the domains are considered to be registered. You have 2 options here, either change the email address domain and licenses of an existing user or create new temporary users with their own licenses.

  14. Option 1: Modify Existing users
    Warning! When you change the email domain, this user will be logged out of their sessions and may lose access to emails and other Office365 apps on that domain until you change their email domain back to what it was.
    Danger! If you change your own admin user’s email domain, it will kick you out and may not let you back into the admin portal for your actual domain. Make sure you have another admin who can change your email user domain back to what it was.

    ”Manage username and email” under the “Username and email” section, aliases do not appear to work for Microsoft’s requirements but feel free to try them instead (this would be the easiest and most convenient method).


    Make sure you have a “Microsoft Teams Phone” License, and the “Microsoft Teams” app-enabled.

  15. Option 2: Create a temporary user for each of the Cytracom SBC domains.
    If the domains have been successfully validated, you should see them in the email domain dropdown.


    These users must also have a “Microsoft Teams Phone“ license, which also requires the App for “Microsoft Teams” to be enabled, which also requires a “Microsoft 365 Business/Enterprise” license.


    Make sure to select Microsoft Teams in the app list.


    If you didn’t enable the “Microsoft Teams” app for this user, you may see this when you click Finish.

  16. On any Windows computer, run PowerShell as administrator.

  17. Install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module, if it is not already installed.
    Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell - Microsoft Teams

    Install-Module -Name PowerShellGet -Force -AllowClobber 
    Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -Force -AllowClobber
  18. Load the PowerShell module and log in to Microsoft teams with your admin credentials.

    Import-Module MicrosoftTeams 

    If you get this issue:


    Set a less restrictive execution policy for this Powershell session.

    About Execution Policies - PowerShell

    Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope Process
  19. Once you have activated both domains, the Cytracom PBX portal should have generated more PowerShell commands for you to execute. There are one-time commands and commands which must be executed for each user you add.

  20. For the New-CsOnlineVoiceRoute command, you may get an error like this. Microsoft does not consider the domain to be registered until there has been a user associated with it. Make sure you completed the step in this document after the domain validation and before the Powershell commands.

  21. If you get these errors when adding users with the Set-CsUser command:


    Ensure that you have a “Teams Phone” license for each of your users in Office365.

  22. Some of these steps can be done in the Microsoft Teams admin center, and you can validate the effect of your PowerShell commands here.

  23. After you have added all of your users, everything should be good to go.

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