ControlOne Platform Release Notes

ControlOne Platform 22.20.1

May 20, 2022

What’s New

  • Zones are now differentiated for use with ControlOne Agents or for use with a ControlOne Bridge, with the corresponding settings appearing within the Zone panel.
  • SD-WAN Link Optimization can now be set to run once at a scheduled time in the future. Ideal for performing this off-peak hours maintenance task without having to login later.
  • Accounts that exist within the Partner Portal accounts can now be invited to an instance for use with the ControlOne Agent.
  • Uses are now sent an email notification when account setup is complete, prompting them to install and log into the agent if they have not already done so.

Bug Fixes

  • ZTNA Device Posture Check policy names will no longer be rejected on create / save if the name is in use by another account
  • All top level configuration objects (Cloud Gateways, Zones, Sites, Policies) now require typing the object name to delete, preventing unintended disruption of an ControlOne account.
  • The web app will no longer display an "all white" screen if an unexpected error occurs.
  • Changing the Light / Dark theme settings now take effect when clicking on the save button, instead of when the option is selected.

Known Issues

  • Zones that are changed from Cloud to Site from the Network Map may disappear momentarily from the Map view.
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