ControlOne - CBR Setup Guide

The CBR is a physical bridge used to connect a physical site to ControlOne. There are a few steps to follow to ensure the device is ready for deployment. 



The CBR is a cloud-provisioned device. It must be plugged into an active internet connection so it can download its configuration and update. Port number 1 on the CBR is automatically set to DHCP and can be plugged into any device that provides DHCP and a routable path to the internet. 

Assigning the CBR

Following the link below you will need to add your site first and select the CBR as the primary device. From here this will allow you to configure the CBR for the customer's site. 


At this point, with the site created and the CBR assigned, you are now able to configure the device for the customer's site. 

Starting with an overview, the site needs to have a zone attached to provide DHCP for any devices physically attached to the CBR. Start by creating a zone, make sure it is set as a "Site" zone and not a "Cloud" zone. Inside this zone, you will configure any DHCP settings as well as security policies, device posture checks, linked zones, and DNS settings. Next, you will need to connect the zone to the site, the link below provides a step-by-step guide as well as a visual reference for connecting a site to a zone. 


That this point the device is set up for basic services and can be deployed to the customer network. We highly suggest that the device is configured and plugged into internet access before the device is deployed to a customer site. This will allow for troubleshooting and last-minute config changes.

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