ControlOne offers a dashboard that allows users to at a glance review the overall performance and finer details of their network. 


Starting Off

Start by logging into your ControlOne portal and selecting the applicable company. Then in the upper left-hand corner select the "Dashboard" option. 



It will transition to the basic dashboard screen. Where it has a default screen layout including Traffic, Content Filtering Blocked, Network Sessions, Intrusion Prevention Blocked, Top 20 DNS Requests, Antivirus Blocked, and Top 20 Network Applications. 



Date Range and Active Resources

Starting in the upper left-hand corner you will see date range adjustments and active resource counts. You can set the time range of the graph using the preset drop-down such as 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Or you can use the custom option in the drop-down to set the From and To fields for a more specific time period. 

Below the date range, you will see an active device overview. This tallies the number of "active" network resources and users within the network. If a gateway or agent is added but not configured it will not show up on these counters. 



Looking at the Graphs

Starting from the top the first graph we can see is "Traffic". This graph gives a basic overview of inbound and outbound traffic usage for the network. Note: In each graph, you can filter to a specific ControlOne agent user or a specific Zone. But by default, it will be filtered to all. 



Moving down to the next set of graphs we see "Content Filtering Blocked" and "Network Sessions". Content Filtering Blocked represents connections that have been blocked due to currently configured security policies. Network sessions refers to the number of new outbound sessions created by users.




Below this we have "Intrustion Prevention Blocked" and "Top 20 DNS Requests". Intrustion prevention blocked refers to any unauthorized attempt to access your ControlOne network.




Lastly, we have "Antivirus Blocked" and "Top 20 Network Applications". 




In the upper right-hand corner you can use the "Edit Dashboard" to add an remove fields. 


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