WAN Optimization, What is it and why do I need it? 

When installing a CBR that is connected to ControlOne you will have the option to "Optimize" the bandwidth. What does this mean? This is an automated speed test for your WAN link to determine upload and download speed. Why is it important? This speed test sets the upload and download limits for the QoS profile on the CBR. If not run it can lead to issues with high-priority devices being deprived of needed bandwidth. So we highly suggest running the optimization after setting the device up. 


How to run an optimization.

Start by logging into the ControlOne portal and selecting the applicable account from the drop-down. Then navigate to the "Site" option on the left-hand side. 


Then select the CBR that you would like to run the optimization on. 


Once selected you will see a configuration menu pop out from the right-hand side of the screen. 


Select the "Primary" tab at the top to switch to the port configuration screen. From this screen, you will select your WAN port, which is normally port number 1. Below you will see configurable options for the WAN port and at the bottom, you will see a "Bandwidth" section. This is where you will run the optimization test. When clicking the optimize button it will give a warning popup that alerts you that if you start the optimization it will interrupt internet traffic. It will give you the option to run immediately or schedule for a later time. 



Alternate Setup

Alternatively, you can manually set the bandwidth limits of the WAN link by changing the option from "Auto" to "Manual". This will allow you to enter the speeds by hand. 


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