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This article discusses the Network Map in ControlOne.


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The Network Map is a visual overview of your network. It shows graphic representations of all network components (Gateways, Zones, Sites, and Connectors), and all connections between these elements. 

From the Network Map, you can:

  • add new network elements.
  • edit the configuration of an existing element.
  • establish or edit connections between network components.

Refer to Getting Started with ControlOne to learn more about configuring these elements.


Figure 1: The Network Map (click to enlarge)

Navigating to the Network Map

In the ControlOne Portal, click Network Map in the left-hand Navigation menu. 


Figure 2: The Navigation menu (click to enlarge)

Adding a new network element

From the network map, you can create new Gateways, Sites, Zones, or Connectors. To do so, click the Add New button in the top right -hand corner of the window, then select the element type from the drop-down menu. 


Figure 3: The Add New button and drop-down menu (click to enlarge)

Working with existing network elements

Searching for an element

To search for a network element (Site, Gateway, Zone, or Connector), begin typing its name in the search bar. ControlOne will automatically complete the search entry and highlight the element.


Figure 4: Searching the Network Map (click to enlarge)

Editing element configuration

Click a network element to open its Configuration Options pane. Click the following links to learn more about configuring Gateways, Zones, Sites, and Connectors

Changing region

Some large networks may span multiple geographic regions. Use the Regions drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the window to view the network elements in a particular region. 


Figure 5: The Region drop-down menu (click to enlarge)

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