Support Ticket Submission Best Practices

Subject line:

The subject line of a ticket should contain the following to be most efficient: 

  • Company Name
  • Very Brief Description of the Problem
  • Urgency(Urgent, High, Normal)

An example format of this would be: "Cytracom - Internet is down - Urgent"

Comment or description

The description of the ticket should provide as much detail as possible about what the issue is including but not limited to the following: 

  • Description of what is happening. 
  • When did the issue start happening.
  • How many users affected? 
  • What type of network hardware along with who the ISP(Internet Service Provider) is.
  • Any applicable firmware versions, serial numbers, mac addresses of affected hardware. 
  • What business or customer locations are affected. (If Applicable).
  • Best way to contact via email or phone and also what the best contact number is. 

An example format of this would be: "My client "XYZ Company" is having an issue with their internet. The firewall at the site is a Sonicwall TZ500 and the ISP is Comcast. At this time the only location affected is the Dallas location. The issue started just this morning. The software on the Sonicwall is 123.67b. You can contact me either by email or by phone and my contact number is xxx-xxx-xxxx" 

Urgent issues outside of normal business hours

If the issue is happening after hours and is urgent:

  • Emailed tickets: include the words urgent or emergency in the description or subject.
  • Tickets submitted through the Web Portal: Set the priority is either high or urgent.
  • Phone Support Requests - Be sure to press "1" to mark the message as "Urgent" and confirm

Cytracom's contact information:

Normal Technical Support business hours are Monday-Friday 7am-6pm CDT.

Call 877-411-2987, and enter the appropriate option:

For UCaaS Technical support (VoiP, phone, fax, and the Desktop and Mobile apps)

- Option 1, then 1, then 1

For ControlOne Technical Support

- Option 1, then 1, then 2

For Account Management

- Option 1, then 2

Go to and click on submit a ticket, otherwise simply send Support an email or send Account Management an email

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