Cytracom UCaaS: Configuring call routing


This article discusses how to configure call routing in Cytracom UCaaS .


  • Cytracom UCaaS


Until phones are routed in Cytracom’s PBX, they automatically default to a voicemail box of 999. Prior to the number(s) porting, be sure the calls are routed through the PBX.

Call routing cannot be adjusted on phone numbers monitored by Voice Continuity Policies that are currently in Failover Mode.


Once in the PBX, click Phone Numbers on the menu bar.

Select the phone number to be routed.

Scroll down to the Call Routing section and select an option under Default.  

Then select the Route To - Destination from the drop-down menu.

Click Submit.

Note: Destinations such as Auto Attendants and Groups need to be created prior to routing.

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