Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants route calls based on the input of the caller. The caller will listen for options to dial a specific extension or group such as, press 1 for Support or 2 for Sales. 

Note: Auto Attendants work well for businesses that have different departments.

Creating an Auto Attendant:

  • In the PBX, click on Auto Attendant on the menu bar.
  • Click + New.
  • Key in the Auto Attendant Name.
  • Set the Attendant Timeout. This is the amount of time a caller has to key in their selection.
  • Set the Digit Timeout. This is the amount of time a caller has between each key they press.
  • Select the Timeout Route. The call will be routed to this destination if the caller does not make a selection within the time set via attendant timeout.
  • Select the method for the Announcement:
    • Record via Phone - Record the announcement directly from the phone using the code given when this option is selected.
    • Upload File - upload a .wav or mp3 file that is no larger than 10MB from the computer that has been previously recorded.
    • Default Recording States - "Hello and thank you for calling. If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at any time. For a company directory, please press * now. To leave a message in our general company voice mailbox, continue to hold or press 1. To hear these options again, press 9 now. Thank you for calling."
  • Configure the desired buttons and select a route to option. If a button is not needed, leave it blank.
  • Click Submit.


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