Cytracom Desktop: Assign a user to a phone number to enable SMS


This article discusses how to assign a user to a phone number to enable SMS. 


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Note: An account must be on the C2 plan in order to use SMS. Check out all of the features you get with the C2 plan here.

Business Messaging at Cytracom is a feature that is centered around a user. For those desiring the use of messaging outside of their organization via SMS, a user must have an assigned phone number. Within the portal, a phone number can be assigned to a user, or unassigned from the user. Phone numbers are either generally used by the company, or specifically by a user.

The phone number for the COMPANY may have an existing call routing specified, however, if it is assigned to a user, then the call routing will be set to the user's extension. Un-assigning the user from the phone number will revert the call routing for the phone number to what was previously set prior to the user assignment.

Holiday routing for the phone number may still be specified regardless if the user is assigned or not.

From the PBX section of the portal, the phone numbers appear in a list segregated by a tab for general COMPANY numbers, and a tab for numbers ASSIGNED to a specific user.

There are a couple ways to assign the user; from the list of phone numbers, or from the phone number edit page.

To "Assign" a user to a phone number from the list, select the associated button for the "Assign" option.


The popup to Assign User to Phone Number will appear.


Simply click on the dropdown, select the user to be assigned, then click "Submit" to assign that number to that user.

The assigned phone number will no longer appear in the list on the COMPANY tab, but now appears on the list of the ASSIGNED tab.


Alternatively, to "Assign" the user from the edit phone number page, click the "Assign" button.


The popup to Assign User to Phone Number will appear.


Use the dropdown to select the user to assign, then click "Submit".

The assignment is clearly displayed and a note to remind that the default call routing is forced to be the user's extension unless Holiday routes are defined.


To un-assign the user from the phone number while on the edit phone number page, simply click the "Un-assign" button in the Number Routing section.

Alternatively, the option to "Un-assign" may be selected from the list of phone numbers on the ASSIGNED tab. This will result in the phone number now appearing on the COMPANY tab.


To reassign a phone number to a different user, first click on "Un-assign", and then click on "Assign".

To recap:

  • Go to
  • Click on PBX
  • Click on Phone Numbers tab
  • Choose the phone number
  • Click on Assign
  • From the drop down menu, choose the user
  • Click Submit

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