Cytracom UCaaS: User roles


This article discusses user roles in Cytracom UCaaS


  • Cytracom UCaaS


Each user is assigned a role. The role they are assigned determines their level of access within the Cytracom portal. There are default roles already present in the system.

  • Reseller: Cytracom Partner
  • Customer: Admin: Has access to the entire system
  • Customer: Accounting: Can only access accounting
  • Customer: PBX: Has access to the entire PBX
  • Customer: Employee: Only has access to their extension and mailbox

Custom roles can be created by an Admin on the account. These roles can be very granular by simply checking the access that user needs.

To access this section, go to the account at and click on Users and then Roles.



Creating a custom role

  • Click +New to add a new role (for example Insights to only look at call records and reporting)
  • Once the new role is named, click Save
  • Click on the edit button to assign rights to this new role 



This custom role can be given as many or as few rights as desired. For this example, the new role, Insights, will only have rights to view insights. Choose the desired options, and then click Submit.

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