Templates are used for creating groups of devices that may contain a portion of similar features or desired settings, allowing them to be managed from one point of reference instead of a per device method.

Creating a Template

    • Hover over Devices on the main menu bar of the PBX and choose the option Device Templates.
    • Click + New.
    • Name the Template.  (i.e. Reception or Warehouse)
    • Select the device type.
    • Select the time zone for the device.
    • Configure Multi-Purpose-Keys or P-values (in Advanced) if needed in the next section.
    • Click Submit.
    • Then go back to Devices and select a device from the list.
    • Under the drop down labeled Template: choose the desired template
    • Click Submit.

Note: This feature only pertains to Grandstream phones at this time.


Note: When making changes to Templates and/or Devices the template will need to be re-applied to each device to ensure the changes have taken place to each device. Every device where a change has been made in the portal a reboot or provision request from phone will be required to apply the new changes.

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