Voicemail Transcription allows customers to view a written transcript of a voicemail in their email or in the portal. You can also see transcription on the Desktop app under the Voicemail tab. Follow these steps to activate this feature. 

Note: If you are on our C2 pricing plan, voicemail transcription is enabled automatically. These steps will not apply and the toggle option will not be visible in the portal.
  • Login to secure.cytracom.net
  • Click on PBX
  • Click on the Mailboxes tab
  • Click on the edit button for the desired mailbox
  • In the Notifications section, type the email address(s) under "Email to Notify"

Note: Multiple email addresses can be added for notification by adding a comma in between the email addresses.


  • Toggle on the Voice-to-Text 
  • Click Agree to accept the Terms and Conditions 


    • Click Submit

Note: Voicemail transcripts can be viewed in the portal by selecting PBX> Voicemail > List option. It can be viewed in the Desktop app by logging in and selecting Voice> Voicemail> Select the message to display the transcription.







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