Dynamic Caller ID

What is Dynamic Caller ID?

Dynamic Caller ID (DCID) allows users to place calls from their extension but have their Caller ID appear as though the call was being placed from a different number on the user's account. Businesses operating in multiple regions, medical practices with a single receptionist placing calls for multiple doctors, agents returning calls left for different departments, and countless other scenarios could utilize this free feature.

How to Configure DCID:

  • Go to secure.cytracom.net and log in
  • Click on PBX Settings
  • Click the edit button next to the phone number that will use DCID
  • Under Features, find the input field labeled Dynamic Caller ID Alias
  • Enter a custom numeric code (from 2 to 6 digits) to be dialed to activate DCID on a call
  • Click Submit

How to Use DCID:

  • When utilizing DCID, dial *66 <DCID Alias>*<Destination Phone Number>
  • For example, to call Cytracom using a DCID Alias code of 1234, dial *661234*8774112987

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • DCID works with all dialing methods, including: 
    • 11 digit dialing
    • 10 digit dialing
    • 7 digit dialing
    • International dialing
  • If the DCID Alias is input incorrectly, the call will not be completed
  • The DCID Alias must be at least 2 digits long and may be maximum of 6 digits long
  • If you receive an error about the Dial Plan rules, ensure the Dial Plan rule for DCID has been added to the Dial Plan for the device(s) attempting to use DCID
    • The rule: *66x+*x+


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