Submitting an Emergency Ticket

To submit an emergency ticket after hours, either contact Cytracom via the ticket system or by phone and leave a voicemail:

Submit a Ticket (choose "Urgent" from the Priority menu)

Phone: 1-877-411-2987, Option 1, then Option 1

Cytracom requires specific details in the voicemail or text body regarding the issue so it can be resolved quickly.

Required information:

  • Contact information (name, number, email, company name)
  • Describe the issue
  • What number(s) is affected
  • What extension(s) is affected
  • Time noted, if applicable
Many times, after hour technicians can find or resolve the issue completely before responding when given the most accurate information possible.
Cytracom cannot help resolve issues that are unrelated to its service after hours. After hour technicians may be able to provide insight on recommended next steps in such instances; however, Cytracom cannot be responsible for changes to the local network or issues that are related to the Internet Service Provider.


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