Updating Firmware on the Grandstream GXP 21XX Series


Note: It is not necessary to track an end user's devices and update their IP phones every time a new firmware version is released by Grandstream. It is recommended when issues are apparent and helping the end user is required. This will assist in consistency when troubleshooting such issues. The information found here will always be based on the most recent release.

Setting the phone to upgrade firmware via the Device section in the portal:

  • Navigate to the device page for the phone you want to upgrade under PBX and Devices.
  • Scroll down and click Submit again for the overall device configuration.
  • Reboot the phone.

 After allowing the device to reboot completely, wait 60 seconds and the upgrade process will begin. The process has begun when the screen displays a progress bar and text related to a firmware upgrade in process. It is very important to not disconnect the power or LAN cable to the phone until this process is complete.


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