Check Voicemail


  • Press the  button.
  • Type the password or PIN using the keypad when prompted.  
  • Follow the prompts for various options.
  • If a new user is logging in for the first time, use 1234 to set up a new voicemail box.

If a password is forgotten, it can be reset at

  • Log into the portal.
  • Click on PBX
  • Click on Mailboxes
  • Select the Mailbox you wish to reset
  • Establish a new password.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Click Submit

Note: Voicemail notifications may also be received via text or email. Users have the ability to check voicemail using an online control panel that requires a username and password. This can also be done by using an external phone line when calling a number on the account. One or more of these options may already be set up. If it is not set up, contact your system administrator for help.

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