Call Quality Overview

There are two possible causes that affect call quality:

  • There is a problem with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the local network such as the router, switches, or connections on site between the phone and the router.
  • The inbound call is bad, which is common with cellular phone calls but not limited to wireless calls. 

Cytracom employs advanced monitoring software that can locate the cause of the problem in a matter of minutes. In fact, Cytracom proactively runs diagnostics for all clients on a regular basis. If an issue is indicated with either the ISP or local networking, it is shown in a report that generates a MOS score. MOS scores can be displayed for any call. If a call or a series of calls has a low score, it indicates there is a problem with the local network. MOS scores can help steer the technicians in the right direction of pinpointing the specific issue with the local network.  

If the issue isn’t on the technical side of the local network, then the inbound call is using a poor quality connection, which is out of the hands of the ISP and Cytracom as well. With technology improving daily, these issues should become fewer and far between. To request a network monitor or to submit a ticket for quality issues, please contact us at 

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