Resetting the TGP 5XX Series Device

Note:  When restoring to factory default, re-enable the WWW interface on the phone.

On the phone:

  • Press MENU and then #534.
  • Next use the up/down arrows select On for Embedded web and then Save.
  • (Alternately you can choose Menu -> IP service -> Network Setting -> Embedded web).
  • Next use the up/down arrows select On and press Menu one last time to Save.

The Panasonic can also be reset from the web interface if needed.  

  • Go to the IP address of the phone after enabling web access.  
  • The username is admin and the password is adminpass.  
  • Once logged in, go to Maintenance
  • Go to the Reset to Defaults tab on the left.  
  • Click on Reset Web Settings
  • Confirm

The device will reboot and reset itself.

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Note: The batteries in the handsets are rechargeable, 1.2V, and should only be replaced with similar rechargeable batteries.
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