Why isn't the mailbox light on the phone flashing?

When a new message comes into an extension, the mailbox light will flash. If it is not flashing it may be because:

  • The phone may not be programmed for the correct mailbox. 
  • The message may have been left in a different mailbox other than the expected one. Check the call routing to see where voicemails received are stored for that extension.
  • The voicemail is set to forward to an email and also set to "delete after emailed". In this case, all voicemails will be sent as .wav sound files to the designated email, then removed permanently from the phone system.

When the mailbox settings are corrected, the mailbox light will flash to alert the user of a new message. Once  messages have been retrieved, the light will no longer flash. Ask a System Administrator to help with these settings.

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