Cytracom UCaaS: Why isn't the phone ringing?


This article discusses reasons the phone may not be ringing when it is expected to ring. .


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When a call comes into an extension, it should ring and the extension light should flash. If it does not ring or flash, it may be because:

Do Not Disturb mode

Do not disturb mode lets users divert calls from their extension to a variety of routes by pressing the mute key.If Do Not Disturb mode is active, the phone will not ring. See What is Do Not Disturb (DND) mode? for more information. 

Registration issues

If the username appears on the phone screen in red instead of green, or if no username appears at all, the phone is not properly registered. See Why is the phone not registering? to view troubleshooting steps for this issue.

Call routing issues

Call routing must be configured in the phone's PBX before they will travel to the correct extension. See Configuring call routing for the call routing procedure. 

Once the DND mode and/or registration have been corrected, the phone will ring normally, and the extension light will flash indicating an incoming call.  

*Please contact a System Administration for questions or further assistance.

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