Cytracom UCaaS: Why is the weather on the phone wrong?


This articcle discusses issues with the local weather display on Grandstream phones in Cytracom UCaaS.


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The Grandstream phone has a built-in feature that presents the local weather. While many times this feature automatically determines the location, it may not work correctly in some instances. Use the following procecdure to correct this issue. 


1. log into the local IP address of the phone using a web browser on the same network as the phone. The default login name and password are both admin.

2. Navigate to the Settings menu at the top.

3. Navigate to the Web Service menu to the left.

4. Ensure Enable Weather Update is set to Yes.

5. Change City Code to Self-Defined City Code.

6. In the Self-Defined City Code field, type in the five-digit zip code

7. Click Save and Apply near the bottom of the page 

To save time, system administrators may choose to do this in the Cytracom Portal under the PBX. Simply modify the device (or the device template if pushing to many devices) and change the Advanced Settings. Set the following values:
P1377=<Your local Zip code>
Optional Extended Format
P1377=Allen%2C TX 75013  The D2 devices do not support the weather function at this time.
The D2 devices do not support the weather function at this time.

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