Cytracom Chrome Extension

What is the Chrome Extension?

Cytracom's Chrome Extension for Google's Chrome browser, allows users to initiate phone calls, send messages, and pull up data from Integrations from phone numbers found on websites. The user will also receive notifications on their desktop regarding incoming calls.

Download the Chrome Extension:  Here

How to Log in to the Chrome Extension:

  • Open the Extensions menu by clicking the puzzle piece shaped icon in the information bar of the Chrome web browser
  • On the login screen, enter the email and password associated with a valid Cytracom User Account
  • Click the Sign In button to access the Settings Page of the Chrome Plugin

Chrome Extension Info Panel:

User Name:

The current user's name will be displayed at the top of the Info Panel. This will allow users on a shared machine to see who is currently logged into the Chrome Plugin. 

Sign Out:

Clicking the Gear button next to the current user's name gives you the ability to log that user out of the Chrome Extension. The extension will then navigate back to the Login Screen, and it will return to the login panel. Once logged out, all settings configurations will be reset. For example, any excluded websites will be cleared from the filter. To avoid this, in the panel below, toggle off Click-to-Dial versus logging out of the plugin.


Configuring the Chrome Extension:

Below the current username the following option menu is available.



By toggling this option on, users will notice phone numbers on websites will be converted into clickable links. Clicking a phone number will initiate a call on the user's selected device, which once answered, will connect them to the phone number that was clicked in the browser.


How to Use the Chrome Extension:

While logged in, most phone numbers you see are clickable to start a call and with mouse-over create an option menu. Note that not all phone numbers are eligible: phone numbers in graphics, some web apps, or numbers in user fields may not be processed correctly.


The menu offers three options:

  1. Call works as described above in the click to dial section of configuration. Note that this is designed to be most helpful while on the native site of an integrated product, to easily reach known contacts or leads. 
  2. Message replaces the pop up window with a text messaging window, complete with emojis and a method for adding attachments. When completed, the application then attempts to send the message to the selected number. Note that if the number does not support text messaging, you will not get any notification that the message failed. 
  3. Discover processes the phone number as if it was an incoming number through any Integrations you are currently logged into in the Cytracom Desktop app. Integrations that allow for new fields or entries to be created could be used off of this interaction.








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