The Cytracom Public Application Programming Interface (API) has been created to provide customers with direct access to their voice services data via defined URLs. This is a developer reference guide to the Cytracom API details needed to implement the APIs. To get started, you will need an API token.

The APIs are categorized based on the functional purpose:

  1. Data Services   - retrieve lists of extensions and resources
  2. Insights  - listing call detail record data
  3. Call Control Actions   - make a call or interact with current calls
  4. Call Events   - observe events of current calls

Legal Notice

Use and access to the API is expressly conditioned on your compliance with the policies, restrictions, and other provisions related to the terms of service. In all uses of the API, compliance to existing agreements as a subscriber to Cytracom services is required. If Cytracom believes that you have or attempted to violate any term, condition, or the spirit of these policies or agreements, your right to access and use the API may be temporarily or permanently revoked.

Getting Started


The API documentation uses typical conventions for requests and responses. The examples provided are using cURL for the requests. JSON is used for the responses.


Prior to using the API, an admin on the customer account must create a token which will be used for authentication of every API request. Within the API documentation, the placement of the token in the examples is denoted by <<token>>.

The token should never be shared or published since it provides authentication for the account and authorization to retrieve data. If the token is ever believed to have been compromised, it should be deleted by the account's admin and replaced immediately.

Rate Limits

The number of requests allowed per API account is limited within a 5 minute timeframe. 


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