API - Data Services

This is the developer reference document for the data service API endpoints. The information available for the account using these endpoints is a list of extensions and pbx resources.

Base URL


API Endpoints for Data Services

 GET  /data/users  List Extensions and Related User
 GET  /data/resources  List Call Routing Resources

List Extensions with Users:


When a request is made, the following parameters are supported:

Parameter Description Mandatory
limit The maximum number of extension records desired to be returned. If not specified, the default is 100. The largest maximum allowed is 1000. No

The JSON response provides the data and the status code:

Attribute Description
name Extension description which is typically a person's name
extension_number Dialing code for the extension
email Email address for the user account, if there is a user assigned to the extension, otherwise "null"

Example cURL Request:

curl --user token:<<YOUR-TOKEN>> https://api.cytracom.net/v1.0/data/users 

Example JSON Response:

"data": {
"users": [
"name": "Bob Dylan",
"extension_number": "200"
"email": "bob@customeraccount.com"
"name": "Keri Parker",
"extension_number": "201"
"email": "kerip@customeraccount.com"
"name": "Jane Trewin",
"extension_number": "205"
"email": null
"name": "Miranda Green",
"extension_number": "202"
"email": "mgreen@customeraccount.com"
"code": 200

List Call Routing Resources:


Call routing resources are used to direct phone call handling. This data is needed at times to understand references to call routing by other API endpoints. The types of resources are as follows:

  • conference
  • conference_hub
  • did
  • directory
  • extension
  • extension_mapping
  • find_me
  • forward
  • group
  • hangup
  • mailbox
  • managed
  • menu
  • phone
  • queue
  • timeframe

When a request is made for resources, the following parameters are supported:

Parameter Description Mandatory
type The type of the resource No
number The number of the resource such as extension number No

The JSON response provides the data, total record count, and the status code:

Attribute Description
id Identifier of the routing resource
name Descriptive name of the routing resource
number Number of the routing resource
type Type of the routing resource

Example cURL Request - /data/resources

curl --user token:<<YOUR-TOKEN>> https://api.cytracom.net/v1.0/data/resources

Example JSON Response - /data/resources:

"resources": [
"id": 14,
"name": "Sam Snead",
"number": "165",
"type": "extension"
"total": 1,
"code": "200"


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